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February, 12, 2021

Created & Produced By:

Warren D. Robinson

Executive Producer:

Ian Gelfand

Scott Sternberg Productions & 13Brains


Uncle Kevin Buried by the Bernards



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Everyone has that one crazy uncle, and for the Bernard's, it's Kevin. An all-around flashy dresser, Kevin is a man of many talents, responsible for makeup, picking up bodies, and - whether intentionally or not - usually a little mischief. Not at all squeamish,  the work of handling the dead doesn't bother Kevin at all. His main flaw? You can count on him to lose everything. If you can't  find Kevin, he's likely somewhere looking for  something he lost. 

Ryan Bernard Buried by the Bernards Netflix


"The Boss"

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The R in R Bernard Funeral Services stands for Ryan Bernard. So why does he constantly feel like he's not  the one in charge?! It's probably because his employees  are also his family. And we all know how family can be.  A life-long bachelor, he's never outgrown his love of partying. Always favoring the business of self care to death care, he spends his spare time at the barbershop, getting mani/pedis, and  building his reputation as a lady killer. 

Ms. Debbie Bernard Buried by the Bernards Netflix

Ms. Debbie

"The Real Boss"

The matriarch of the family, Ms. Debbie's never had  an opinion she didn't share - or command. Employee or not, she shows up at the funeral home every  day and gives her two cents like it's worth a dollar - telling everyone else how to do their jobs.    And since she  doesn't exactly have an "inside voice," everyone will  know it. But don't let that hard exterior fool you, Ms.  Debbie's big heart was the driving force behind R Bernard's low cost funeral deal. 

Raegan Bernard Buried by the Bernards Netflix



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The latest member of the family to clock in at the funeral home, Raegan's also likely to be the first to clock out.  Like the other R Bernard,  she also has the entrepreneurial bug, cooking up a cake business on the side. At  work, she mostly handles the obituaries and announcements, working on graphics  

to personalize funerals, and filling in where she's needed - and trying to learn as much as she can from Uncle Kevin. 

Deja Bernard Buried by the Bernards Netflix



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Ryan's right hand woman (and eldest daughter), Deja takes her job seriously and does it  with pride. She may carry a lofty title at R Bernard, but she's still learning how to assert herself at work... especially when it comes to her grandma. Maybe she could learn that boss attitude more under the tutelage of Miss Debbie instead of her dad! 

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